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Customer Testimonials 

Shaunak K.

San Jose, CA

Marko with Universal Insulation is knowledgeable, professional, and honest. After meeting with several other insulation installers, we decided to hire Universal to install R-44 blown cellulose insulation in our attic.

The team showed up on time, laid drop clothes from the front door to the attic entrance and took great care running the hose around our walls and furniture. The process itself was surprisingly fast and quiet (compared with our experience having the old insulation removed by another company which took all day and was SO loud). We had been burned recently by a contractor who did a shoddy job in a part of the house we don't access very often (the crawlspace), so we made a point of checking the attic before Universal's installation team departed. R-44 is supposed to be 12" deep. We found that the insulation was not that deep near the attic entrance, so the team ran their hose back up and added more without a fuss. They also added a few cardboard rulers throughout the attic so we could see from a distance that the depth was accurate. Marko even gave us a call afterward to confirm that he had counted the insulation packages to make sure the correct amount was added.

So thanks to Marko and his team for wanting to make sure the customer is happy - we are. And we highly recommend Universal Insulation.

Carol M. 

San Jose, CA

From the quote through the installation, Universal Insulation, Inc. were courteous, prompt,

and professional. There was no hard sell. Both the sales person and the installers arrived on

time. They cleaned up after themselves. I couldn't be more pleased with them and the price…

Matty A.

Redwood City, CA

It has been about a month since the installation. My daughter's room is consistently 3-5 degrees warmer throughout the night and day as measured through her baby monitor and retains heat longer after the furnace turns off. The house overall is retaining heat much more evenly throughout the different rooms and we've been able to turn our thermostat down 1-2 degrees to 66 or 67 for the night (it would be even lower but we have a newborn who doesn't sleep with a blanket). Based on this and the fact that the house just feels better we are giving Universal A+ for quality, value, and making the process incredibly easy and pain free.

Tom S.

Santa Clara, CA

Great, better than expected. They were prompt, professional, and extremely helpful. I truly

cannot express how pleased my wife was that they did not leave a mess and did an

excellent job of cleaning up after themselves.

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